As companies and communities begin to understand the necessity of recycling, new technology has the burden of leading the way.   Over the last few decades, we slowly realized that single use and landfill was not a sustainable mindset.  There use to be a time when tires, batteries, appliances, chemicals, and many other wastes were simply buried in a landfill.  The long term financial and environmental cost made it clear, we had to find other uses for these products.  To force innovation many products began being banned from the landfill.  Without landfilling as an option people developed new uses and recycling processes to reuse.  The day is here to add expanded polystyrene which is commonly know by its trade name Styrofoam™ to the list of recycled materials.

Communities had the desire but not a cost effective solution.  The challenge is that the material is over 90% air.  Transporting essentially air from collection points is not feasible.  Another challenge is the large volume of the material and the difficulty in compacting it, made it costly to recycle.

Brohn Tech LLC a small company in the Midwest has delivered on a solution.  The only way to recycle the material feasibly was to remove the air and reduce the volume at its source.  After four years of R&D they introduced to the market the Styro-Hybrid.  Their unit is mobile based and can compress out the air and densify the volume quickly.  With their development EPS can be processed into a dense PS material. This material is then reused in various new products like moldings, benches, and other products.  Their units can be mounted on a trailer, set in a truck, or stationary.